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North Star Systems secures your assets and optimizes operations across Agriculture, IT, Municipalities, Refrigeration and many more industries.
Our solutions empower you to track, monitor, and safeguard your staff, equipment, and products, all while reducing operational costs and mitigating everyday risks.
Our team of highly experienced problem-solvers delivers the perfect solution to fit your needs and budget.


Remote Communications

Many of our solutions utilize cellular networks to transmit data to our servers. This provides a more sustainable and affordable alternative to hardwired solutions. In remote locations where cellular is not an option, we can offer other solutions such as satellite communications
to provide you up-to-date information at anytime.

Easy Installation

Our solutions are created with ease of installation in mind. This allows our customers the ability, in most cases, to install the equipment themselves. While having an easy installation process helps reduce cost, we know that sometimes you need help. Should you choose to have one of our expert staff install your product or you need a quick answer to a problem, we have you covered; the choice is yours.

Cloud-Based Software

By keeping the information in the cloud, not in our devices, we can quickly adapt to new technology and update the devices associated with our solutions as needed. For instance, in the event of a lightning strike, one of our devices can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of competitive devices and be up and running within minutes.

Our Products & Services


View Point VTL™

Automate your operations with North Star Systems. Integrate your systems with remote monitoring and control with patent-pending Reign Maker™ technology.

Reign Maker™

Reign Maker™, remote pump-off control (POC), is a cost-effective way to get total visibility and total control over your assets. Oil and gas companies that work with us can make more informed decisions; Optimizing natural gas well operations and maximizing production, while decreasing running costs.

Tank Monitoring Soulution

Worried about potential leaks, overflows, or sudden drops in tank levels? Our monitoring solutions come with customizable alerts that you can set according to your preferences. Receive notifications via SMS, email, or push notifications, ensuring you’re always informed of any irregularities.

Refrigeration chamber for food storage.

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We believe that by providing solutions to help you lower the cost of operations and increase awareness of potential risks associated with everyday operations.

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