Reign Maker™

Automate your operations with ReignRMC®. Integrate your systems with remote monitoring and control with patent-pending Reign Maker™ technology.

Experience the power of SCADA without the hassle and without the cost. Ultimate versatility with Reign Maker™ pump monitoring and control solutions. Our pump controls can be integrated wherever you need them most, including:

  • Water Transfer Pumps
  • Wastewater Grinder Pumps
  • Lift Stations
  • Treatment Plants

Essentially everywhere a pump may be located, Reign Maker™ can help streamline your operations, saving you time and money.
Diagnose problems, plan maintenance, and respond to problems faster with Reign Maker™ for municipalities. Reduce damages to your equipment, decrease spills, and reduce the cost of fines and repair costs. ReignRMC® keeps your systems running.

With Reign, free up valuable resources by eliminating the need to manually check your systems. Save your staff valuable time by automating your operations so they can focus on what really matters.

For municipalities large and small, we have cost-effective remote pump off control solutions for every budget.

Save valuable time and resources with Reign Maker™. With our remote monitoring and control solutions, there is no need to manually turn on and off pumps, freeing up your operations staff and maintenance crews. Utilize valuable resources and limited time more efficiently and optimize operations so you and your staff can focus on what matters most.

For municipalities large and small, we have cost-effective remote pump off control solutions for every budget.

Visibility on your pumps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complete visibility and accessibility of your pump systems. Instant alerts directly to your phone. Easy-to-read dashboards compile all of your data in one spot. All you need is an internet connection to access your pumps anytime, anywhere.

Protect the safety of your staff and the integrity of your systems. No need to manually access pumps in dangerous areas with Reign Maker™’s patent-pending technology. With ReignRMC®, your systems can be accessed from anywhere.

Foreign debris poses a real risk to your wastewater systems, causing blockages, leaks, unplanned delays, and the need for regular maintenance. These interruptions to your wastewater management systems can cause damage to your pump systems beyond regular wear and tear. Respond to problems faster and keep your pumps operating.

Reign Maker Works for You.

Reign Maker™, remote pump  control , is a cost-effective way to get total visibility and total control over your operations. Automate your pump management systems, optimize your operations, make more informed decisions, and decrease running costs.

Get automatic alerts directly to your mobile device or phone. Take advantage of historical data and see trends to make better decisions and to better understand your systems. Decrease downtime, save money, and respond to problems faster, reducing the chance of damage or system failure. 

Get ultimate control over your assets with increased visibility. Remote control of your assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We believe that by providing solutions to help you lower the cost of operations and increase awareness of potential risks associated with everyday operations.

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