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North Star Systems empowers businesses in Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Municipalities, Refrigeration, and IT to optimize staff and equipment for better tracking and monitoring.

We deliver cost-saving solutions that increase awareness of operational risks, keeping your business efficient and safe.

Our team of experts has the understanding and initiative to provide the perfect solution within your budget.

Our Products & Services


Visual Tank Lights

Automate your operations with North Star Systems. Integrate your systems with remote monitoring and control with patent-pending Reign Maker™ technology.

Reign Maker

Reign Maker™, remote pump-off control (POC), is a cost-effective way to get total visibility and total control over your assets. Oil and gas companies that work with us can make more informed decisions; Optimizing natural gas well operations and maximizing production, while decreasing running costs.

Tank Monitoring Soulution

Worried about potential leaks, overflows, or sudden drops in tank levels? Our monitoring solutions come with customizable alerts that you can set according to your preferences. Receive notifications via SMS, email, or push notifications, ensuring you’re always informed of any irregularities.

Our Leadership Team

Nathan Smith

CEO & Co-Founder

Nathan Smith stands at the helm of North Star Systems as its visionary CEO and co-founder. Drawing inspiration from his extensive leadership and sales background, Nathan embraces a business philosophy that encapsulates his belief in fostering the success of others as a pathway to personal achievement.

A native of Brookston, IN, Nathan's journey began at Frontier High School. Following his graduation, he chose a path of service to his nation, joining the United States Air Force. This decision not only allowed him to traverse the globe but also shaped his character in profound ways—a testament to his enduring love for travel.

Nathan's remarkable military career, marked by numerous accolades, paved the way for international collaborations, including his invaluable contributions to the Netherlands Royal Air Force and General Electric Aviation. Complementing his practical experience, Nathan further honed his skills through the Six Sigma Program at Villanova University.

Beyond the boardroom, Nathan is a devoted family man, navigating the joys of parenthood with his wife, Jen, and raising their two daughters, Harper and Amelia. Nestled on a small farm in Williamsport, IN, the Smith family thrives in a nurturing and close-knit environment.

Known for his disciplined approach to life, Nathan kickstarts each day with an invigorating early morning workout—a testament to his commitment to personal well-being and resilience. In every aspect of his life, Nathan Smith exemplifies the fusion of leadership, service, and dedication, embodying the values that define North Star Systems.

Andrew Potts

CFO& Co-Founder

Andrew Potts, a proud founding member of North Star Systems, assumes the pivotal role of Chief Financial Officer within the company. Hailing from Lafayette, Andrew's journey began at Jefferson High School, where he laid the foundation for his academic pursuits.

Venturing into higher education, Andrew earned his stripes at Purdue University, culminating in a 2021 graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. This academic achievement reflects his dedication to acquiring knowledge and skills essential for his role as a leader at North Star Systems.

Beyond the professional realm, Andrew channels his energy into the disciplined practice of American Kenpo karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. His commitment extends beyond the dojo, as he generously volunteers his time teaching these martial arts to children—an embodiment of his passion for community engagement.

A fitness enthusiast, Andrew finds joy in weightlifting and kickstarts his days with early morning cardio, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. During his leisure hours, Andrew takes pleasure in connecting with friends across the country, cherishing the bonds that transcend geographic distances.

Adding a flavorful dimension to his multifaceted personality, Andrew is a self-trained accomplished home chef with a keen interest in discovering new recipes. This culinary passion not only showcases his creativity but also underscores his commitment to excellence in every aspect of his life.

In summary, Andrew Potts emerges as a well-rounded professional, seamlessly blending financial acumen, martial arts prowess, fitness dedication, and culinary finesse—all contributing to the vibrant tapestry of his personal and professional pursuits at North Star Systems.

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We believe that by providing solutions to help you lower the cost of operations and increase awareness of potential risks associated with everyday operations.

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